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Company Profile

Directory Publishers of Zambia Limited, a Zambian registered company, has been publishing directories and other business communication publications for 50 years, and has expanded its activities over the years to include publishing and distribution of maps, calendars, diaries, and corporate gifts.

Mission and Vision Statement

Directory Publishers of Zambia Limited are committed to publishing the best quality and most informative business communication products in Zambia, with the aim of developing trade, commerce and industry and economic growth not only in Zambia but in the wider SADC region, by facilitating promotion and marketing of business activity and contact, through its range of publications and products.

Values and Social Responsibility

Directory Publishers of Zambia Limited is committed to conducting its business activities with full transparency and accountability. The focus is on best serving our clients’ needs and providing excellent service in all aspects of our operations. Directory Publishers of Zambia Limited believes in being innovative and focussing on strong teamwork within its organisation to achieve this.

About Directory Publishers

Directory Publishers of Zambia Limited is a sales driven company, which has a close working relationship with AC Braby (Pty) Ltd, a South African registered company. Directory Publishers of Zambia Limited and AC Braby, South Africa’s foremost directory publisher, have been publishing, printing and binding international as well as South African telephone directories for 50 and 110 years respectively, and have all the infrastructure, technical knowledge and know how to produce telephone directories in both print and electronic formats.

Our current publications include:

  • the official Zambia Yellowpages
  • the Zambia Review - a high quality information rich, brochure magazine
  • Calendars, Diaries and promotional products

With this wealth of experience, Directory Publishers of Zambia Ltd is ready to help you, and your business strategy, whether in print or online, contact us today.

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Directory Publishers of Zambia

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Email : zambiasales@brabys.com

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